Happy New Year! 


Dear players, on behalf of the server administration, we would like to wish you that the new year will bring you a lot of positive gaming and pleasant events! Let Triad MU be a place of rest for you: where you will escape from everyday work, spending an evening in the company of your friends from different parts of the planet! Let the resets run, the stones shine, and Chaos Goblin pleases you with its probability of a successful outcome more often than before (in secret: he really has become kinder all New Year's holidays – and something tells us that the probability of sharpening things has become higher, details about gifts are lower). Happy New Year!



  • Cash shop 


Cash shopCash Shop - This is an in-game store, in which, for zen and Triad Coin currency, you can purchase various items that contribute to the character, as well as some types of stones to improve equipment.





TriadMU Online - FULL HD



  • 3D- HD Visual Model
  • Improvements for the community


  • Implemented support for Full HD resolution for the game client!  Also, it has not yet been possible to expand the horizontal visibility on the Loren Deep map. It is worth noting that in HD mode, the load on your PC increases, to minimize it, use the old resolutions and do not turn on the 3D camera. We also prepared an update, the description of which is presented below, all changes will take effect after the server restart, which will be 26.10.2021 at 11: 00 server time.


For more information, you can read the Information section.


3D- HD Visual Model ("F9" button to activate/deactivate)




Currently this is only one server.