Server Time
February 18, 14:33



Opening Andromeda x1000 Dynamic  


18:00 UTC+1 Great Britain

09:00 UTC+2 Poland,Italy,Hungary  

20:00 UTC+3 Ukraine,Russia,Romania

14:00 UTC-2 Brazil

14:00 UTC-3 Argentina

12:00 UTC-5 Peru



We are proud to inform you that three years ago the unprecedented project TriadMU began its life, which immediately began to actively develop, bringing and realizing ever new ideas!

In honor of this moment, we open the anniversary Andromeda x1000 Dynamic server on March 21. These are precisely the rates with which it all began for you and us.

We will try to maintain the spirit of TriadMU and introduce new ideas that we were afraid to introduce earlier.

During this time, a little-known server has become a popular, rapidly developing project with versatile rates (x1000 Dynamic to x1 Dynamic). Our team has done a lot of work on the 6 Season platform. We will keep our game legacy for project as its always been - strictly NO Pay2Win and very limited monetization.

Changed: some maps, skill engine, rank system of things, changed the characteristics of all bosses / monsters, character leveling system, achievement system, spawn mobs (invasion, bosses, etc.), item drop, server work with items ... the list is very great, but we don’t like to boast of a detailed description of the work done.


check-black.png Rates and Season


165.png Experience: x1000 Dynamic   l Drop x10.
452.png Live Economy: wCoin l Hunt Point l Goblin Point
99.png Premium Account Ratings: - 
164.png Season 6 (Episode Ultra) - A revised version.
417.png Game type - PvP (Classic)
98.png Launch date: March 21 



Kind Regards

TriadMU Administration

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Dear TriadMU Community :


We are proud to inform you that, to make the the game more interesting, we implemented a new system for a pvp and easier pvm system for player's. From now, every single player, will be able to rent an season 3Ancient items for 30 days of trial. Therefore, you have to purchase any of the package from A B C D E F, depend's on which character you are interested. TriadMU Administration currently working on a few detailed configuration and improvement of the custom options to present more enjoyable gameplay for our Community.


Kind Regards

TriadMU Administration.

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Dear TriadMU Community :


The Game Launcher implemented Full HD resolution support for the game client! Also, we have managed to extend the horizontal visibility on the Loren Deep card yet. It should be taken into account that in HD mode the load on your PC is returning, to minimize it use old resolutions and don't turn on the 3D camera. We have also prepared an update, the description of which is presented below, all changes will take effect after rebooting the server




Kind Regards

TriadMU Administration

Currently this is only one server.