Custom "MU TRIAD" table for a better gameplay



Custom options panel in "A" button

Improvements for the community


  • 1. Visiting website directly by clicking to the Visit website
  • 2. Shortly account information and balance and zen
  • 3. Exchange system depending on our currency system
  • 4. All information based on the game command system
  • 5. Anti-lag with one click - Unique!
  • 6. Offtrade system - Unique!
  • 7. Auto Potion system - Unique!
  • 8. Clearing Player Kill 


For more information, you can read the Information section.


Custom Panel ("A" to show/hide)













"U" - Statistics Panel for players


Improvements for the community


  • 1. Total Statistical Average of experience
  • 2. Calculation of timescale for the upcoming level
  • 3. Experience table which is gained from the last minute
  • 4. Zen Drop Rate also information about last zen obtained system 


For more information, you can read the Information section.


Hunting Information ("U" to show/hide)





Refine the old problems received from your feedback.



Improvements for beginners:


  • 1. We implemented a custom panel which is inserted into the "O" button, included Daily Quest system, Reset and will be available for making a Vawe 


  • 2. Each member of our community will be able to catch a quest in regarding to receive the Hunt Points as a gift. Hunt points are one of our important currency.


  • 1. Reset will be automaticly appear, while the player will achieve estimated 400 level. Requirement for each reset, is +11 enhanced 2 class any random wings


  • 2. Vawe system will appear, only if the player will achieve 10 reset. 


  • 3. Daily Quest is given to the schedule only for 1 day duration. If the player accomplished the event succesfully, it reqquires to wait for the next upcoming day to give a next Quest.


For more information, you can read the Information section.


Quest Objectives ("O" to show / hide)



Server restart is scheduled for 05.04.2021 at 17: 00


Currently this is only one server.