Happy New Year !

Promotions and gifts


1. All players receive VIP for a period of 14 days starting from today

(if VIP is already available, it will be extended)


2. Increased percentage of sharpening in Chaos Machine until January 20. For things without varnish +10%, for things with varnish +5%;

3. Discount in the store 10% on all items until January 20;

4. Until January 20, when buying credits, 12% as a gift!

5. From December 27 from 12:00, every 30-40 minutes, the drawing of 120 promo codes will begin with a discount from 5 to 12%. Promo codes provide a discount on one thing in the store, you need to enter the code on the store page (near the "Buy" button). The promo code cannot be "staked out", it will be considered used only in the case of a real purchase. The promo code is valid until 20.01.2022;

6. From December 27 from 12:30, every 50-60 minutes, a New Year will be given Box to a random player. From boxing, you can get top kits (Valhalla, Dark Devil, and others) starting with Dragon Knight, Venom, etc., or excellent weapons (Bone Blade, Grand Viper Staff, etc.) or Scroll of Fire Scream, Flame of Condor. Player's nickname the winner of the prize is written at the center of the screen. The prize will automatically appear in inventory if there is a place, otherwise, it will fall under the character. Total will be donated 120 New Year Box. Players with less than 10 resets or who are offline, offline trading/pumping, or who received a prize earlier, will not be able to receive a prize.



Minor update


8. Fixed the appearance of Erohim (in Land of Trial), after the murder;

9. Christmas Hunt implemented a ban on attending the event using multiple game windows;

10. After visiting the Christmas Hunt, information about the results of the collection by the teams and the hp bar are now hidden;

11. NPCs to visit Coliseum Battle and Devias Arena have been moved to Lorencia near the forge (120x142).


Currently this is only one server.