Description of x-Shop system


Improvements for the community 


Cash shop is called an in-game store for a reason, it opens directly in the game. In order to open the Cash shop, you must press the "X" key while in the safe zone of Davias, Lorencia or Noria.



The currency in the Cash shop is based on Zen and Triad Coin. You can get Triad Coins and Zen by crafting from monsters as a Goblin Point and exchange credits to finally to Triad Coin. 



Having opened the Cash shop, in the upper left corner you will see 4 tabs located one below the other: Normal, Potion, Accessory, Special. This, in fact, is the store's counters. By clicking on them, you can view the assortment of a particular counter. Prices are indicated directly under the goods - "Price".You can see how many Gem Points you have available in the lower right corner - "GEM";

Currently this is only one server.